The Bibel Team: Halloween Special 2021

This Halloween, hear the harrowing tale of a Guy, his Friend, and what happens when he summons the Evil Broker!

Friend: I’m telling you man, right now is the time to buy.

Guy: Yeah. But I bet you I couldn’t even get qualified for a mortgage. I mean, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Friend: Woah-ho, hey. We’ll find you someone. I’m going to go grab another beer. You want one?

Guy: No, thanks man. I’m okay.

Who the heck are you?

Evil Broker: I’m the evil broker. Can’t you tell? I can get you approved for any loan. Light this candle, and meet my team.

Guy: Oh, well what do you guys do?

Evil Team: I’m going to make you send thousands of documents, hahaha.

And then I’m not going to explain anything I’m doing. I’m going to keep you in the dark the whole time!

Shut up, this one is mine. I’m going to make sure he pays the most points and locks himself into a loan that he’ll never be able to afford! Hahaha!


Eric Bibel: Hey! Beat it!

Hey man, no need to go through all this Hocus Pocus. Why don’t you just come see the Bible team? We’ll make sure your first time is the best time.

Friend: Ah, where’d the chicks go?

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