Rule breakers. Problem solvers.

Not your mother's mortgage team.

Meet The Bibel Team.

We are changing the way people think about home financing. Breaking rules. Solving problems. Removing hurdles. Educating buyers. Creating videos. Challenging misconceptions. Making people laugh. Building sustainable homeownership.


Jamie Richardson

Operations Manager, NMLS #1495506

Jamie’s 20+ years of mortgage experience gives our clients a distinct advantage when moving in for formal underwriting. Hardworking and thorough, Jamie provides clients with an experience that is unmatched in our market.



Eric Bibel

Branch Manager / Mortgage Advisor, NMLS #1406013

Eric is always ready to assist his clients. He keeps his phone on and prioritizes great communication. Eric’s extensive knowledge of the mortgage process allows him to provide important feedback and advice to his clients.


Let us solve your problems.

We challenge misconceptions.

We are not afraid to confront the many misconceptions people have about mortgages. Our videos we educate borrowers and help them become homeowners.

We’re fast.

Technology is a high priority for us. We use it to increase our the speed of our transactions and to make home financing more transparent. We work in the same office and collaborate together as a team.

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Our team leader, Eric.

Eric is one of the most disciplined and diligent individuals. He has an internal fire and desire to succeed at everything he does. The best part is he is 100% looking out for the individuals he is helping. His passion to help people shines through every single day with a smile and engaging attitude.


One of the best attributes of Eric is his communication skills. Given his management background, he is able to help borrowers decipher complex information in a simple and easy to understand format and explained in layman’s terms.

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