The Bibel Team: Building Clients for LIFE

Eric: Hey everyone. Eric Bible here with the Bible Team at NEO Home Loans. Today, I’m here to talk to you about building a client for life.

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We’re here today to talk to you about how we’re building clients for life. What does that mean? What is that? Too many people fall on it as a transaction. You know, it’s a one and done. We know each other for 30 days, whether it be a purchase transaction, to help you buy the house with the loan or a refinance transaction where we replace or restructure your debt. And then you’re off, and we never talk again. Well, that is definitely not the case on my team, and why we’ve aligned with, with NEO Home Loans. And it really comes down to helping cultivate a for-life mentality. And how we do that. And really the ethos that we take within there is around, we want to be the most important financial and real estate resource in your life. Super powerful in that statement. And why we want to do that is that we truly believe in what we are providing through education, through our processes, that we’re here to truly advocate on behalf of the consumer.

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All too many times, companies put people in debt. We’re looking for ways to help you get out of debt and maximize the mortgage strategy. How do we do that? So, a couple things. The relationship just doesn’t stop when the transaction closes. We’re going to be with you through the duration of that mortgage and beyond. And how we’re staying connected is with state-of-the-art technology that we utilize. We have an extremely robust client management platform that allows us to hone in on all the nuances of the transaction to ensure that we’re constantly maximizing the financial position within the Mortgage. And how we do that, each and every month, we provide a wealth digest against your home. And what that provides is really a laser focused analysis of what your particular property is doing over time from evaluation.

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Are you in the best position with the mortgage possible? Is there an opportunity to look at potentially utilizing some of that equity by other means? Potentially investing in other real estate, putting your kids through college, paying for a wedding–things that we just don’t always think about. And it’s something right at our fingertips. Another component, every year, you’re going to hear from my team. We’re going to reach out and discuss your current financial position within the mortgage to make sure that you’re still in the best position possible. And again, if that means we look at other options for mortgage, or if we leave everything the same. Either way, you’re going to hear from us year after year after year, to ensure that you’re in the best position possible.

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We have a robust database of other financial planners, financial resources that we align with to ensure that not only on the real estate side are you taken care of and loved up on if you want to call it, but we also work with some amazing professionals in the financial world. So really, looking at putting your assets to play in other means to ensure not only in the real estate side, are you positioned well, but in other facets of your financial wellbeing, that you’re there as well, too. So really, the ability to connect you with some of the most elite in that particular area. Now, if you already have a financial planner that you love and work with, perfect. We want to work in harmony with them as well. So again, we’re not here to sell you anything. That is not our existence. We’re here to continue to provide value and be a resource on a go-forward basis.

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Another component is that we truly put the family first. We don’t just sell loans. That is not what we’re here for. We’re here to truly help and provide benefit to families. We want to be in a position of where we create a lasting memory. When you think back, wow, the time I bought my house. Wow. Yeah. The Bible team made that just so easy and it was just such a memorable experience. That is really what we want you to think of when somebody asks you about a mortgage. We don’t want to be that dirty word.

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So with that, through our communication, through our upfront pre-approval process, through the post-closing communication, all those things that we just discussed really ensures that we’re not just a transactionally driven mortgage team. We want to be that resource on a go-forward basis. We would love the opportunity to serve you today. Please reach out to my team and me.

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