We Are Now with NEO Home Loans

You may have noticed some updates! The Bibel Team is now partnered with NEO Home Loans. We are very excited to begin this new journey. Why the change? NEO Home Loans is customer-driven and redefining the customer experience through the mortgage process and beyond. NEO represents the new way to obtain a home loan.

Eric Bible with the Bible team with some exciting news, my team and I have decided to partner with NEO home loans. What prompted this decision was customer-driven, really redefining the customer experience through mortgage process. “Mortgage” is a dirty word in this business. It’s debt forever. Really our focus with Neo home loans is to help educate the consumer as to the benefits around homeownership and mortgage; and really through that process, truly, truly redefining the customer experience and creating clients and partners for life. Thank you for listening to this exciting news. Call my team and I today, we would love the opportunity to serve you.

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase you will make in your life. There should be no rushing when it comes to a mortgage decision. The decision to obtain a mortgage should necessitate a pause and careful deliberation about the strategy you choose. You deserve a comprehensive review of your overall financial situation and a mortgage that not only gets you into your home but also acts as a catalyst to maximize your wealth and wellbeing.

The Bibel Team partnered with NEO Home Loans is here to help you discover and manage your perfect mortgage strategy.

My team and I look forward to talking with you.

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